Thursday, 30 May 2013

Creating a simple virus program(harmless,just for fun / prank)....

This program can infect the phone as well as disinfect it....

(disinfecting will not function properly in some cases,data is not actually lost anywhere but you have to recover it manually in such case... **it is also described below)
so use at own risk....

Screen shot:-
After infecting

but yet it works in most cases

This posts include a simple program in android which is capable to invisible all the SD-Card content of phone from file manager,gallery and media scanner...

The basic idea behind it is only to hide/invisible the SD-Card content from Android OS gets unaware about that data and don't shows it up.....

In Android system folders having a dot "." as initial of its name considered as hidden .... so what we do is to make each SD-card folder to start with "..." to hide them ex- 'image' --> '...image'
and while disinfecting we have to remove those dots to unhide them from system....

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

If you are interested in android programming and have a creative mind you can create a simple image editor for android for your own personal use:-

1> This program is concentrated on drawing text on a resource image and saving it on sd-card.

2>We can undo all editing at any time if we do not want so.

3>Drawing text can be change any time.

4> #You can 'Try' it your self and change its functionality according to your requirements.

5> Easy to implement and supports all devices. :)


Friday, 3 May 2013

Simple Autocallrecorder


An great app including simple and easy to use functionality.

It is an good app of its kind can be used to keep an record and track of all your voice calls.
Those may be incoming or outgoing.recording functionality can be  disabled when it is not required.
calls can be recorded and stored in sdcard for any future referencing.

Some screenshots are:-

Bought MICROMAX CANVAS HD a week ago and it seems it has some issues and problems according to my personal experience.

Major issues:-

1> Its touch sensitivity is a major drawback. while scrolling or sliding over screen it accidently opens up apps or drags.

2> Its auto rotate is not so responsive. while using auto rotate it does not rotate screen immediatly and it is required to shake phone vertically and then horizontal  to rotate the screen.(while switching between apps)

3> It has no task manager installed by default.should be downloaded one from play store whichever one you like.

4> Accelerometer is not even so smooth. While playing game like temple run 2 it seems that i have to also tilt myself completely with the phone to move the character.

5>No update options availabe for jellybeans 4.2.(Now). may be availeble in near future.

6>Phone UI hangs when a message is recieved.(for 2-3 secs)

7> Sounds cuts or not audible on either sides when on call.
...... and might be more to find out......