Friday, 30 August 2013


It is possible to install an app on user mobile without letting it known...

What happens in this process:-

An app has to been installed in android device have a UI such that it does not let know that what application is doing in background. let name it as - "Bridge app"(like my Secret_install app).

Then this bridge app will download an another app located on server. let name this another app as- "Hidden app"(here it is Face_detect app).

Downloading of this hidden app is done in background without user get informed.

After hidden app is downloaded it is stored over phone memory.

When this whole process is completed this hidden app is installed to mobile device....(again user has not information that a app is getting installed)

1.Device does not ask for user to install that hidden app.

2.Device does not show window containing permissions involved in hidden app.

3.Device does not show the window of installation (like in other app installation)

4.Hidden app will install secretly and show an icon on menu screen.

You can download this DEMO app which i have created on same basis....

Download and check it - here

This is demo app only and does not infect your mobile and does not gain access to your mobile....

It is safe to try this demo.

it is for information basis only!!.

This trick works in most cases... but it does not work on some devices!!! i am searching the reason. and let you all know it soon....

so be safe and avoid untrustable websites/stores for app downloads.